I Don’t Usually Fight and Tell

Dear Reader,

I’m writing this blog as an outlet to write of my life’s experiences. I’m only 25 years old, but I’ve already been married and divorced. I’ve watched the man, in whom I was absolutely and completely in love with, change into the scariest person I’ve ever had the great displeasure of meeting. (I’m jumping ahead a bit, this is only an introduction.)

The Definition of Fight* is: to contend in battle or physical combat; to put forth a determined effort., etc

He and our marriage was my “Fight” in this case. I’ve been taught that you ‘don’t talk about your personal business‘. And I don’t usually but… in this case, I think my ‘Fight Story’ could help someone else end theirs.

For a long time now, people have asked me questions like:
When did it begin?
How can someone as strong as yourself allow that to happen to you?
Were you even sad when he passed?
How did you get out of a relationship like that?

And after looking over this past year, I believe I’m ready to discuss and answer those and many other questions.

His life has changed mine forever. And rather than act as though our marriage never happened; I’m ready to talk about it.  And more importantly, talk about how I’ve been able to pick up and move on from that relationship.

I have to say, this blog scares me a bit. Writing it, alone, has sent me down Memory Lanes I had no intentions of revisiting. I’m also nervous that no one would find this blog worth reading. But it’s my sincere hope, that my story would encourage someone else.

I told myself that I would Never, talk about him or that relationship… but here I am…

Never Say Never…

P.s. Next blog will be up in 7 days!!!

*Definition of Fight

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Usually Fight and Tell

  1. I am glad you found the strength to cut off and you are alright. I believe your story and experience can help another women who still living in doubt and can’t find the strength. I went through a bad relationship but luckily we weren’t married but still it changed a lot in my life. Keep doing your good work and don’t worry to express your feelings. I believe this blog has its value and purpose as everything in our lives we can learn from it.

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  2. Wow.. I am captivated by your story and your strength. I told you my story and in reading yours I have to express my increasing respect & inspiration I have for YOU. Thank you for sharing your story in a real and positive way. Your definitely helping more than words can describe. Ill stay tuned…😉Glory to God for how far He has brought you and the promise land He is taking you to. AMEN😍🤗


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